Buy used anaesthetic equipment

used Dräger Sulla anaesthetic device

Anaesthesia, or general anaesthetic  is a reversible condition which is induced by the supply of anaesthetics, in which surgery can be carried out on an unconscious patient without any sensation of pain or defensive reactions.

Anaesthesia equipment is therefore equipment which contains all of the necessary devices for performing inhalation anaesthesia with or without ventilation:

  1. Gas supply bottles for oxygen or compressed air and/or nitrous oxide, with pressure gauges and pressure reducers or connections to the central gas supply.
  2. Gas metering equipment: gas flow meter, rotameter and possibly a gas mixer
  3. Vaporiser or nebuliser for volatile inhalational anaesthetics
  4. Anaesthesia system with pressure relief valve, volumeter, ventilation pressure gauge, absorber, bag valve mask, corrugated hoses, connectors to the respiratory mask or endotracheal tube
  5. Respirator
  6. Anaesthetic gas extractor
  7. Patient monitoring devices

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