Disinfection and sterilisers (used sterilisers and autoclaves)

Disinfection MELAG Autoclave

Dr. Wilfried Müller GmbH supplies both used sterilisers and used autoclaves.

  1. Hot-air sterilisers are devices which eliminate or reduce the number of pathogens on materials and objects through the use of dry heat.
  2. Steam sterilisers or autoclaves are devices which use gas and pressure-tight vessels for the sterilisation of materials with steam using the overpressure method.

Two different processes are used for this:

  • The vacuum process – air is removed by means of repeated evacuation (pumping out) alternated with the admission of steam; known as fractionated pre-vacuum
  • The flow or gravitation process – air is displaced by saturated steam

Used autoclaves and used sterilisers you can find here.