Gas provision and electricity supply

We offer anaesthetic equipment for all sectors: human medicine, veterinary medicine and research. We provide you with basic, robust and portable devices for the outpatient sector, for research laboratories and veterinary medicine, with and without ventilation, through to high-tech equipment for the clinical field of human medicine, with and without monitoring, with vapours for all the common anaesthetic gases. We also offer a wide range of accessories for these devices. For equine clinics, we offer an anaesthesia device for horses with ventilation and monitoring. The devices can be operated with oxygen concentrators, with O2 bottles or via the central gas supply. These are mainly devices manufactured by DRÄGER and SIEMENS. Over the decades, these devices have proven to be extremely reliable and robust and they fulfil all the requirements placed on them. The ventilators that we offer are either supplementary products or component parts of the anaesthetic equipment, or they constitute stand-alone emergency or intensive care ventilation equipment. Most of our devices are from Dräger and SIEMENS. All devices come compete with accessories.