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used surgical light

A surgical light is an item of lighting equipment in the operating theatre for illuminating the area of the body of the patient on the operating table where surgery is to be performed. It is therefore a workplace illumination with artificial light, which must enable shadow-free illumination of the area for surgery.

Ideally, the light consists of several individually adjustable arms, each with a light, so that neither parts of the body which are to undergo surgery, nor objects in the area of the operation or people involved in the operation can cast shadows.

Surgical lights are now usually suspended from the ceiling. In this way they can be optimally adjusted without hindering movement on the ground. A wide range of surgical procedures in various specialist areas requires great flexibility, since the lighting which is required for these procedures needs to be extremely varied and must also be able to be adjusted during the operation. Because of this, the handles of the lights are now usually provided with sterile covers, so that the surgeon, who is dressed in sterile clothing, can adjust the lamp according to his needs.

Due to the light's shallow angle of incidence, a power of 100,000 Lux is required for surgical lights, which corresponds to the strength of sunlight.

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