Used medical equipment for intensive care

An intensive care unit is a ward in the hospital where patients with severe or life-threatening illnesses or injuries receive intensive medical treatment and care. The layout and equipment of these wards are subject to special requirements.

These include the following device groups: suction pumps, autoclaves, devices for blood pressure measurement, defibrillators, ECG, monitors, infusors, perfusors and used ventilation equipment e.g.:

  • DRÄGER Evita
  • DRÄGER Evita S time-controlled
  • DRÄGER Evita 2 ventilation device
  • DRÄGER Evita 2 dura
  • DRÄGER Evita 4
  • DRÄGER Evita XL
  • DRÄGER Savina
  • SIEMENS Servo 900
  • SIEMENS Servo 900 C
  • SIEMENS Servo 900 D
  • SIEMENS Servo 300
  • SIEMENS Servo i
  • Definition of terms

    • ITS stands for intensive therapy unit
    • IPS stands for intensive care war
    • ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit